Wyoming Elk Hunting Limited Draw Areas

Hunt Wyoming's Biggest Bulls

Some of Wyoming's best trophy hunting is done in Areas (units) that require waiting years to draw or purchasing commissioner's licenses at an auction. Accumulating preference points can take years with some areas taking four to sixteen preference points to draw a coveted elk license. For many elk hunters waiting all these years is worth it to access the lands that hold the 340-400+ inch class bulls in Wyoming's best areas.

If you have preference points and are looking for somewhere to use them, OR want to start accumulating preference points to book a future hunt please contact our office for more information at 1-800-303-1304

Price on Request

Draw a License or Buy a Commissioner's Tag to Hunt The Top Areas

Accumulate preference Points to Hunt Elite Areas

Buy Tax Deductible Auction Tags to Hunt Elite Areas

Hunt for 350-400"+ B&C Bulls

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