NW Colorado - Ranching for Wildlife Elk Hunts

November-January Winter Range Bull Elk Hunts

In NW Colorado several ranches we work with are enrolled in a special program called "Ranching for Wildlife" which gives the landowners/outfitters special seasons that extend well beyond the closing dates of the general seasons. These properties are typically located in the rolling sagebrush along the winter migration route, or on the winter range itself. These lower elevations are usually void of elk (or have very few elk) until the November snows start to fly and push the elk by the thousands out of the high mountain terrain and down into the open sage terrain.

Hunters use 4wd trucks, UTVs, and sometimes snowmobiles to access the thousands of acres of land where these elk are found during the late-season hunts. Generally, hunters will see hundreds of elk and get to look at several bulls before making a stalk. It's important to be selective on these late-season hunts when conditions are prime.

$6,500 plus License Fees

November 15-January 31 Season Dates

Winter Range, Open Terrain

See Hundreds of Elk

High Success Rates on Mature Bulls

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