Stone Sheep Hunts

Prime Sheep Hunting in Core Population Areas

14 Day Stone Sheep Hunting Package

We don't mess around with sending our clients to marginal areas for stone sheep. We learned a hard lesson over the last ten years of specializing in trophy ram hunts - you get what you pay for with very few exceptions. There are cheaper places to hunt stone sheep - but no region of British Columbia has more sheep or larger rams on the average than our areas in Northern British Columbia. We have the best genetics and produce the best rams from this region of B.C. ... You can mess around and book something cheaper but we only want to book our clients into the best camps, with the best guides, and the best equipment - so that SOA clients have the best odds of success when they go into the field. We would rather our clients paid $46,500 once rather than $35,000 three times to get a ram! These are expensive, physically demanding, and very rewarding hunts - call my office for more details on how to book your Stone Sheep hunt and you will not be disappointed.


Plus License, Tag, and Tax

Hunting the Core Stone Sheep Areas/Populations

Professional Outfitters and Sheep Guides

Exceptional Genetics for Trophy Rams

High Populations of Sheep and Mature Rams

Horseback Based Hunting Packages

Possible Combination Hunts with Goat, Moose, Elk, and more

High Success Rates for SOA Clients (over 95% since 2002)

Low Resident Hunting Pressure