SW Alaska - April Grizzly Hunts

Hunt the Snow Covered Mountains in early Spring

These hunts are done in the snow-covered mountains of SW Alaska between mid-April and the first few days of May each spring. We use snowmobiles and snowshoes to cover the vast landscape. We are targeting bears as they emerge from their dens and they have incredible hide quality at this time each spring. Hunter's success is generally very high and the quality of the Alaskan hunting adventure is unmatched.

Please call our office for more information on these amazing grizzly hunts. Toll-free 1-800-303-1304.

$17,500 plus License and Tag

Includes Bush Flights to Camps

April 15-May 5 Spring Hunting Dates

Incredible Hide Quality & Adventure

Remote Cabins and Guide Tents Lodging

Experienced Alaskan Guide Staff

Video Gallery

Video Gallery

Brown Grizzly Bear Caliber and Bullet Chart