Newfoundland Moose Hunts

Affordable Moose Hunting Adventures

Newfoundland is a hunter's paradise but the great hunting begins once you fly deep into the roadless areas and access the lakes where the moose congregate during the September-mid October rut. Hunters stay in lake-based camps and use small skiffs (boats) to access the hunting areas along the lake. Guides will call during the rut as well as use spot and stalk tactics as needed. Combo hunt for black bear or even book one of the extremely limited Woodland Caribou permits.

Hunts are $9,250 plus license, tag, and GST (tax) for a total cost of $10,500. Our clients generally hunt between September 10-October 20 each year with 3-4 hunters each week. Please call our office for more information on these moose hunts. They are a tremendous value! Call toll-free 1-800-303-1304


Plus License, Tag, and Tax

120,000 Moose in Resident Population on Newfoundland

Combination Hunts Available with Woodland Caribou (limited)

Black Bear Hunt in Combination - No Additional Fee

Helicopter and/or Float Plane Access to Lake Based Cabin Camps

Comfortable Cabin Lodging/Accommodations

High Success Rates on Bull Moose