New Zealand Red Stag Hunts

Booking 2022 Season

New Zealand will be reopening soon and we hope that vaccinated people will be able to travel there in March 2022 and we can resume the incredible hunting experiences we have enjoyed for many years now. Our partners in New Zealand are eager to welcome you to their world class estate and lodge where the hospitality is second to none, and the hunting is phenomenal. Book a red stag hunt, or a combination hunt with tahr and chamois. Add additional animals such as wapiti (elk) fallow deer, and other species also found on the vast estates on a trophy fee basis.

We will be hunting March through mid August. And remember, the seasons there are the oposite of ours! Their March is like September, and the fall weather continues through July when the wintery weather starts and in July-August the tahr and chamois have incredible winter hides, and the red deer are still numerous!


Red Stag: 5 days 4 nights: (2x1 Guided) - Up to 360 SCI - $6,500
Red Stag: 5 days 4 nights: (1x1 Guided) - 360 - 400 SCI - $9,500
Red Stag: 5 days 4 nights: (1x1 Guided) - 400 - 430 SCI - $13,500
Red Stag: 5 days 4 nights: (1x1 Guided) - 430 - 470 SCI - $17,500
Stag/Tahr/Chamois - Call for Pricing

Tahr/Chamois Only: 5 days 5 nights $11,000


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Red Stag Hunts for 300-500+ SCI Stags

Helicopter Access to Tahr and Chamois

World Class Service and Guide Crew

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