Central Canadian Barren Ground Caribou

Nunavut Territory

These are the last seasons for hunting the Central Canadian Barren Ground Caribou. As populations across much of the arctic decline, we have now seen the closure of NWT and Quebec/Nunavik barren-ground caribou hunting seasons. However, while the closure of Nunavut's barren-ground caribou seasons is imminent the hunting is still very good. In eastern Nunavut, there are still more than 250,000 caribou migrating south each fall through the traditional hunting areas. And SOA clients have been in those camps to benefit from the incredible hunting conditions.

Our caribou camps are located on massive lakes that are natural barriers to the migrating caribou. The huge lakes provide us with the ability to use boats to travel many miles each day in search of the caribou herds. And the lakes are filled with incredible fishing for all of our clients to take advantage of each day.

Because of reduced tag numbers we only get a handful of caribou tags for each season. Please call our office at 1-800-303-1304 for more information on these awesome hunts.


All Inclusive of License/Tag, Tax, and Air Charter

250,000+ Caribou In Regions Herd

High Success Rate on Mature Bulls

B&C Record Book Bulls Taken each Season

8 Hunters/4 Guides Per Week

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