Alaskan Peninsula Brown Bear Hunts

The World Series of Big Bear Hunting

If you want to hunt for the biggest brown bears in Alaska this is where you go! The southern region of the Peninsula is home to the biggest bears in the state. Super cub access is the only way to get at these big bruins in one of the most remote areas on the planet. The guides are tough professionals who will make sure you have the hunt of a lifetime. And the hunting is second to none with most bears averaging well over 9' squared and multiple 10' bears are taken by our clients every season.

If you are interested in booking the world series of big bear hunting adventures, call our office at 1-800-303-1304 for more information.

$32,000 plus License and Tag

Includes Bush Flights

May 10-25 Spring Season in Even Years (2024, 2026, 2028)

October 7-21 Fall Season in Odd Years (2023, 2025)

Bears Average over 9'+ Squared - 10' Bears Taken Every Year

The World Series of Big Bear Hunting on the Peninsula

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