Mountain Lion Hunts

Professional Houndsmen

Our professional houndsmen are located across the western states that still allow the use of hounds to pursue and harvest mountain lions. We primarily hunt Colorado and Utah for big cats in high elk/deer density areas where the animals winter in the foothills. This is a hot spot for big cats, but we also have locations and guides in northern Arizona just south of Kanab, Utah as well as Wyoming, Nevada, and Montana.

We book the majority of our hunters "On-Call" and when the weather conditions are prime time with fresh snow on the ground, we start through our on-call list until we find someone who can go within 24-48 hours. If you can't go, we just go to the next name, and we will call you again. By hunting On Call we put all of the odds in your favor to catch a lion, and many hunts end in the first 2-3 days.

Hunters who cannot go ON CALL can book scheduled dates well in advance. We can schedule dates that are traditionally good for snow conditions and plan your hunt around that window of time.

$6,950.00 plus License/Tag Fees

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Professional Houndsmen and Crews

Top Level Dogs and Hunting Areas

High Rate of Success on Lion Hunts

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