Nunavut Territory - Arctic Grizzly Hunts

Spring Only Hunting for Big Bruins

Hunters fly into Cambridge Bay and the next day ride snowmobiles 100 miles across the snow-covered tundra to the peninsula where the arctic grizzlies are popping out of their dens and wandering the vast expanse in search of an easy meal. Using the snow machines you cover several miles each day in search of tracks, then find the bear at the end of them! Usually, there are wolves in the area and you see them during the course of a hunt - making them a nature combination trophy!

Please call our office for more information on these arctic grizzly hunts!

$22,500 plus License/Tag and Tax

Only Two Spots per Year Maximum

Combo Hunt with Wolves, $1,500 Trophy Fee

May 5-20 Hunt Dates Each Spring

Remote Cabin Camp Facilities

Snowmobile Access to Hunting Area

True Arctic Grizzly Hunting Experience