Mule Deer Hunts

Giant Sonora Mule Deer Bucks

At this time we hunt on multiple, large private ranches located in the Caborka Region of Sonora Mexico, south of the Lukeville border crossing and two and a half hours north of the Hermosillo Airport. Lodging on site is rustic ranch houses with authentic Mexican food prepared by a skilled cook. Each hunter has a guide in the high rack with them and a driver operating the truck. Hunters cruise many miles of roads glassing for mule deer bucks from the elevated platform.

Hunting packages are $15,000 base rate plus a $4,500 trophy fee on any deer shot (includes verified wounded and lost bucks) plus deer license and gun permit fees.

It is not uncommon for hunters to take bucks exceeding 28"-30" wide and 180-200 B&C. This is a great Sonoran hunting experience in the desert landscape with Mexican guides and hunters who want you to be successful. Seven Day Hunts are offered from December 15 through January 31 each year.

$15,000 Hunt Cost

Plus $4,500 Trophy Fee