Arctic Circle Grizzly Bear Hunts

True Tundra Grizzlies

In the most northern region of Alaska, within the arctic circle, we hunt for the grizzly bear. We typically only hunt these bears during the month of August and the first week to ten days of September before the winter weather sets in and pushes us out of our camps. These hunts are a natural combination with the barren-ground caribou and there are always wolves around to hunt as well.

All hunting is done from super cub fly into remote tented camps or rivers where we have inflatable rafts with motors to access many miles of the waterways in search of the bear and caribou. We customize the hunting package to fit you personally and make sure you have the hunt of a lifetime.

Please call our office at 1-800-303-1304 if you would like to have more information on these outstanding hunting packages.

$17,950 Plus License and Tag Fees

Grizzly-Caribou Hunt in Combo for Trophy Fee

No Trophy Fee on Wolves Harvest on Hunts

High Success Rates on Caribou and Grizzlies

Fishing for Arctic Char Along the River Systems