Western States - Bighorn Sheep Hunts

Hunters seeking a bighorn ram have a lot of lower cost ($30K-$60K options in Alberta/British Columbia) however the very best hunts are found in the western states in limited draw areas. Here you either have to accumulate a lot of preference/bonus points, get lucky & draw a license/tag, OR buy a commissioners/governor's sheep tag at auction. Hunters who buy the auction tags get to hunt the premier areas and generally all shoot very nice rams. And hunters who draw these tags are best served to hire a local guide and use their knowledge to make sure that they fill that once in a lifetime tag with a great ram.

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High Success Rates on Mature Rams in the Western States

Some Tags and Hunts can be bought Tax Deductible Donation to 501c

The Best Guides in Limited Draw Areas in the Western States

Rifle, Archery, or Muzzleloader Hunts for SOA Clients