Ranching for Wildlife - Colorado Mule Deer

Late Season Trophy Hunting

Colorado has a special program that allows landowners with a large track of private lands and a commitment to conservation projects to enroll their properties in the Ranching for Wildlife program. This gives those landowners a special season on the enrolled property and guaranteed landowner vouchers they can issue as valid hunting licenses to the hunters on their lands. These seasons often run from early September through December, and sometimes January depending on the location of the property.

The ability to hunt late-season mule deer well into the rut, in some cases on the winter range, and weeks after the general seasons have closed creates a limited and very in-demand hunting package. Please contact our office about the dates, details, and availability.

$6,500 plus License Fees

$6,500-$8,500 Depending on Property

Hunt Mule Deer During the Rut

Hunt Mule Deer on the Winter Range

Weapon of Choice (Archery, Rifle, Muzzleloader)

Hunts Include Lodging & Meals

Some Limited Combo Hunts with Elk

100% Private Lands Hunting

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