Peninsula Unit 9 - Barren Ground Caribou Hunt

Limited Annual Hunting Opportunity

The Alaskan Peninsula's southern herd has recovered to a population high enough to reopen the hunting in one of Alaska's top trophy areas. Our clients are flown by super cub to remote tented camps and guided 2:1 via spot n stalk methods for the roaming caribou that live here. Hunters are able to hunt for wolves at no extra fees/expenses.

WE ONLY HUNT ONE WEEK EACH SEASON - Hunters are flown into camps on September 25, and hunt September 26-30, departing for home on October 1. The package includes the round trip private charter flights from Anchorage to Sand Point, Alaska. Hunters who tag out early and want to fly home early off schedule can do so (call for details) Call our office for details on this outstanding caribou hunting experience.

$12,900 plus License/Tag

Only Ten Hunters per Season

Quality Bull Genetics

Limited to Ten Hunters per Season

Super Cub Access Spike Camps

Combo with Silver Salmon Fishing if you tag out early

Wolf Hunting No Extra Fees

Ultimate 2:1 Guided Hunt

Combo Hunt with Bison (Extended Hunt)

Super Cub Fly In Experience Included