Coastal Alaska Mountain Goat Hunts

Boat Based Hunting Adventure

We hunt mountain goats in a remote coastal area of Alaska that is privately owned and accessible only boat. We hunt from a large 64' vessel that is comfortable and anchored in protected waters. We use skiffs to get to shore once we glass and locate the goats on the hillsides above the water. Then we climb... the highest peaks are 2200-2250 feet above sea level and most of the goats are shot between 1500-1750 feet above the waterline.

The area has a tremendous black bear population and in early September the bears are feeding on salmon in the streams and throughout September the bears will be found feeding on the blueberry covered hillsides. A big coastal black bear may be harvested for a trophy fee of $3,500 if the proper tag is purchased prior to going into the field. And there is always halibut fishing to be had if the outside waters are not too rough.

Please call our office at 1-800-303-1304 for more information and available dates. (Cost does not include $1,000 special land use fee)

$18,950 plus License and Tag Fees

Private Lands/Exclusive Hunting Area

Hunt from a 64' Comfortable Boat

Combo Hunt with Coastal Black Bear

Salmon & Halibut Fishing Possible

High Success Rate on Mature Billies!

Exclusive Private Lands Area of Alaska!

No Resident Hunting Pressure

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