Central British Columbia Fly In Moose Hunts

Affordable Moose Hunting Adventure

This is the perfect moose hunt for father/son and husband/wife teams who would like to either hunt 2:1 together with a guide or upgrade and book your own personal guide. A short floatplane ride takes you to a remote lake where you will hunt from a rustic cabin using small skiffs to navigate the lakes and access the hunting areas. Long meadows with elevated stands provide a platform to see a long way and call in big bull moose from long distance.

Optional combo hunt with mountain goats and black bears! Call our office at 1-800-303-1304 for more information on these awesome hunts.

$8,900 plus License, Tag, and Tax

Affordable Backcountry Moose Hunting

Easy Hunt Physically - Anyone Can Enjoy This Hunt

Boat Access to Meadows and Hunt From Treestands

Calling from Boats Along Lake Shores During the Rut

Peak Rut Hunting Dates September 20-October 15

Comfortable Rustic and Remote Cabin Camps

High Success Rates on Bull Moose 35"- 45" (some larger)

Combo Moose/Mt Goat Hunt - $18,900

Black Bear Trophy Fee - $1,500