Buffalo Private Lands Trophy Mule Deer

Mule Deer & Antelope Combo Hunts

These hunts are done in the Powder River country east of Buffalo, WY where the open sagebrush prairie gives way to the broken landscape of creek bottoms and badlands looking terrain. The area has incredible populations of mule deer and pronghorn antelope - making it an ideal location for a combination mule deer & antelope hunt. Hunters stay in a comfortable lodging facility a short drive from the hunting area and eat home-cooked meals. Our clients are the only hunters of the year on approximately 50,000 acres of private lands. This means world-class hunting for SOA clients.

Steve's Outdoor Adventures handles all license forms - insuring everyone gets a license and removes the burden of paperwork from our clients.
Contact our office at 1-800-303-1304 for more information on these hunts and the availability of dates!


$1,250 Upgrade for Antelope Combo

$7,500 Guided Mule Deer Hunt

$1,250 Upgrade for Pronghorn Antelope

$1,000 Upgrade for 1:1 Guide Ratio

Trophy Bucks on 50,000 Acres Private Lands

Packages Include Meals & Lodging

Low Hunter Numbers Each Week