Bighorn Mountains Private Lands

Hunt the Foothills for Mule Deer & Whitetail

The foothills in the eastern slope of the Bighorn Mountains are loaded with mule deer & whitetail and we happen to have the bulk of the private lands hunting that has been under intense management for several years. The October hunts provide the tag holder with the unique flexibility to harvest either a mule deer or a whitetail deer.
One minute you are targeting a 150-180 inch mule deer buck... the next minute you could see a 150+ class whitetail in the alfalfa fields. And the tag gives you the flexibility to hunt for both species.

In October you can even add a pronghorn antelope in combination. Hunters stay in a comfortable lodge and are taken into the field by a knowledgeable guide. All hunting will take place between October 15-31 and 100% on privately managed lands. Deer licenses are easy to obtain and Steve's Outdoor Adventures handles all of the license forms making the booking process as easy as possible.

Call 1-800-303-1304 for more information and available dates for the 2020 season.


Plus License Fees

Three Day Mule Deer Hunt - $5,500.00

Four Day Deer/Antelope Combo - $7,000.00

Easy Licenses to Obtain - SOA Handles Paperwork

License Valid for Mule Deer or Whitetail

November Whitetail Only Dates Available

Comfortable Lodge and Professional Guides