Golden Dorado Adventure

Jungle Adventure

Step into the rainforest of western Bolivia and go back in time to a place where indigenous tribes are living hunter-gatherer lifestyles, jaguars prowl the river bank at night, and macaws fly overhead as anglers cast to freshwater dorado that can exceed 20+ pounds. While the nation of Bolivia isn't on most vacation lists, fishermen are not overlooking this developing nation with access to unspoiled environments and safe travel. A small plane ride into the jungle starts the adventure of a lifetime.

Located in western Bolivia, the main lodge overlooks the confluence of two rivers that have carved their way down from the foothills of the Andes as they flow towards the mighty Amazon. Anglers may choose to fish from the main lodge and target fish in the lower reaches of the two rivers as well as the main stem. Large dorado, catfish, and pacu are often caught in the home pool within view of the camp. Several miles further upstream, tent camps are built on both rivers and offer a more advanced fishing package for more remote angling. The season lasts from July - October coinciding with the dry season when the rivers are small and wade-able.

The main camp consists of bug-free outfitter tents built on wooden platforms with additional palm roofing overhead, bathrooms with showers, and the main lodge that also hosts the kitchen and dining area. Accommodations in the upstream adventure camp include 4-person dome tents (dual occupancy), bug-net tented cooking and dining areas, as well as composting toilet facilities.

Local guides from the Tsimane (Chee-mon-ee) tribe work in the camp and accompany anglers along with an English-speaking guide every day while fishing. Their ability to bowfish will stun every visitor as they rarely miss their mark.

We can barely convey how amazing this adventure truly is, one must see it to believe it.

*This trip is for the physically healthy and able-bodied as it requires walking and wading shallow water most of the day, and casting heavy flies with heavy rods. We have a significant amount of information to prepare visitors for this trip.

$5,950 - $6,250

Abundant wildlife and exotic plants

Unique cultural experience

Trophy size dorado exceeding 20lbs

Spot and stalk sight casting opportunities

The Expedition Casare trip takes clients from Santa Cruz De La Sierra to the main lodge and clients will use that camp as they fish. All accommodations are available at this site. - $5,950 per angler

The Jungle Experience
takes visitors from the main lodge several miles upstream to the tent camps on the river. This is a backcountry-type trip with limited accommodations while still maintaining a high level of comfort. - $6,250 per angler

Costs include:

  • 7 days guided fishing / 8 nights of lodging
  • 3 fresh meals every day, plus snacks and limited wine/beer
  • Air transfer from S.C.Z to the main lodge

Not included:

  • International Flights to S.C.Z
  • Gratuities for guides, camp staff, and kitchen staff.
  • Excess alcohol
  • Fishing License/Territory Fee.
  • Any additional needs not described above
  • Any desired or necessary vaccinations against tropical illness or covid

***All visitors to the indigenous territory pay an indigenous fee of $550 per person***